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We are a group of entrepreneurs who want to CREATE IMPACT and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of Income Earners, Young Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in Sarawak.


We brought in redONE (previously known as RedTone Mobile) into Sarawak in 2012, the rest is history!
We brought in the best Postpaid Plan in Malaysia, to help users save money and Sarawakian earn extra income.


Where we believe everyone can be successful!
We provide effective Entrepreneurship training & coaching for new startups, young entrepreneurs and career people.
We dive deep into the core foundation instead of surface teachings.

Event Space Renting

Are you a Trainer, Coach or NLP Practitioner that need space to conduct your business without cost of ownership?
From Classroom, Conference Room to One on One Room, we have them all.
Fully equipped with Full HD Projection and High Speed Wifi to make your event smooth as silk!

Own Your Own Cloud Storage

Worried if one day you might lose your files and data? Feel insecure storing sensitive documents in clouds system own by others?
Why not owning your own cloud system? We have the complete solution for you! Stay tuned.

Helping Sarawakian

Learn.  Earn.  Grow.